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MED PACKS Cold & Flu Plastic Pouch

MED PACKS Cold & Flu Plastic Pouch

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for devliery*

Container: Plastic Pouch

Mountable (Y/N): N - Portable

Dimensions: 2.3 X 8.8 X 10 Inch


  • A compact and portable all-in-one first aid solution to treat cold and flu symptoms
  • Use as a grab-and-go kit, or use as a supplemental module to boost your first aid kit or bug-out bag
  • Medication and supplies for cold and flu symptoms



(2) Decorel Forte Plus Packs, (2) Ibuprofen Packs, (2) P.A.W.S. Antimicrobial Wipes, (2) Cough Drops, (2) Barf Bags, (1) Breath Mint

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