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AED Trainer HeartStart® OnSite (HS1)

AED Trainer HeartStart® OnSite (HS1)

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for devliery*



  • Make learning easier and more rewarding for every lay responder with the HeartStart OnSite, HS1, trainer
  • Clear, calm voice instructions match those of the HeartStart OnSite, HS1, defibrillator
  • Unit resembles the actual defibrillator, yet is sufficiently different to avoid inadvertent use in an emergency
  • Works with internal and external pads adapters, allowing the instructor to provide clues towards pad placement for more realistic training
  • Supports training for both adult and infant/child patients
  • Preconfigured sudden cardiac arrest scenarios simulate how the OnSite, HS1, AED will operate during real-life cardiac arrest event
  • Coaching for both adult and infant/child CPR is included
  • The reusable training pads resemble defibrillation pads for a realistic training experience
  • Easy switching between adult and infant/child pad cartridges



  • These rugged, full-body pediatric manikins last for years and offer economical operating costs to save you money during your career
  • Cross-contamination is controlled with removable face pieces that clean easily and simple lung systems changed only once a day
  • Replacement face pieces come 10 to a pack and airways come 24 to a pack


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