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Game - An Athlete with the willingness to give 1000%; Despite being exhausted, outmatched or hurt. An Athlete who strives to be the best version of themselves!!!


Bread - He who trusts in the TRUTH BREAD Never hungers or thirsts. John 6:35


GAMEBREAD - Do all you can to the praise and Glory of Jesus Christ, The GOD - Man! Col 3:17

Accountability. Discipline. Exposure.


Here at GameBread Athletics, WE ARE COMMITTED TO BUILDING THE COMPLETE ATHLETE!!! We want to help your athlete be the best he/she can be In every aspect of their lives!!! Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and definitely Spiritually!


We are here to build:

  • Power

  • Explosiveness

  • Strength

  • Conditioning 

  • Endurance

  • Footwork

  • Help you gain size 

  • Help you lose weight 

  • Improve performance 

  • Movement 

  • Muscle 

  • Quickness

  • Technique

Also here to build or help create:

  • Accountability

  • Character

  • Consistency 

  • Self Esteem

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Determination

  • Self Discipline


A deeper Love and Understanding of God, How to Become a Winner on and off the field!

Are you an athlete looking to improve your strength, power, and speed? Or are you a coach who wants to help your athletes reach their full potential? Then you need to work with our team of expert strength and conditioning coaches.

Coach Reed is an expert in designing and implementing personalized training programs that will help you improve your strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance. We work with athletes of all ages and abilities, and we have a proven track record of success.

When your athlete become a part of Gamebread Athletics, they become a part of a Family for Life!!! We have a passion for helping athletes! We are in Love with Jesus Christ and We have Committed the rest of our lives to His Purpose for us and that’s pouring Him into the youth! We going to keep the standard and follow the Word of God!!!

Gamebread Athletics is building soldiers for Christ, Top tier students, premier athletes!


Gamebread Athletics we are GAMEBREAD!!! 


As a man of Faith, God has given me a purpose to help young men. He gave me a love for the game of football and a gift of mentorship! I’m a hard worker and I’m passionate about helping young men to be the best version of themselves on and off the field! I pray that God allows you to see my heart and  become a part of this great family! 


Key Skills:

  • Builds strong rapport with players

  • Outstanding Leadership skills and a great communicator

  • Genuine love for people and sports

  • Great attention to detail and a team player

  • Excellent Coach, Motivator, Trainer and Mentor of young men

  • Keen observer of talent, personality and character


Athletic Expertise:

  • 20+ Years of High School & Collegiate Coaching

  • Built a strong and meaningful collegiate networking community 

  • 2018 FHSAA 8A State Champion

  • Four-time District Champion

  • Two-time Regional State Champion

  • Two-time Selected to coach in Blue and Grey All-American Bowl

  • Two-time Selected to coach in Florida-Georgia Border Wars All-American Game

  • Two-time Selected to coach in NFFCA All-Star Game

  • Various Skills Camps: NFL sponsored camps, Under Armour, Battle, and Blue-Grey

  • Under my direct coaching direction:

    • Multiple previous players signed and are currently playing Division 1 FBS/FCS Football

    • Multiple previous players received Ivy League academic scholarships


  • Strength and Conditioning Certified

  • ARC First Aid, CPR, BLS Certified Instructor 

  • EVOC  Certified 

2-about us
Our Services




Image by Ben Hershey








  • Customized Nutrition Plan*

  • Customized Strength & Conditioning Plan 

Strength & Conditioning

  • Physical Assessment 

  • Injury Prevention/Reconditioning Following Injury

  • Develop: 

    • Mobility, Flexibly, Joint Stability ​

  • Plans to increase: 

    • Explosion ​

    • Increase Muscle Strength 

    • Power 

    • Speed 

Single Services


For more information on our range of services, fill out your details below and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or send us a chat request and we'll answer if we are on-line.

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