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With experience in Fire & EMS, and Healthcare settings, Reed Rescue is proud to offer you quality First Aid Kits. 

A well-stocked first aid kit is a must-have for your home, offices, etc. It assists in treating minor injuries and provides crucial emergency supplies while awaiting professional medical assistance.


There are various types of first aid kits available with several factors to consider, including classification, contents, and intended uses.

Class a kit

Class A first aid kits provide a basic range of products to treat common injuries such as small cuts, abrasions, and minor burns. Therefore, Class A first aid kits are good choices for low-population and low-risk workplaces such as offices.

class b kit 

Class B first aid kits provide a broader range and larger number of supplies to handle workplace injuries than other kits. Because of this, Class B first aid kits are the best choice for highly populated, complex, or high-risk workplaces.


specialized kit

Designed for mobile, indoor, or sheltered outdoor use where your environment may not be probable. Meeting special performance requirements for corrosion, moisture, and impact resistance. 


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